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Bio-Rad Premier QC Portfolio for Siemens Healthineers Systems

The premier portfolio of independent quality controls and data management solutions from
Bio-Rad are now available for all your Siemens Healthineers Atellica® Solution, ADVIA®, Dimension® and IMMULITE® systems.

  • Extensive range of reliable human serum and urine based quality controls with assigned values for Atellica Solution, ADVIA, Dimension and IMMULITE systems
  • Convenient liquid formulation for most controls
  • Use the same control lots across all Siemens Healthineers chemistry and immunoassay systems in your lab or network
  • Join thousands of users participating in the
    Bio-Rad Unity™ Interlaboratory Program for comparing your QC data with that of other Siemens Healthineers users
  • Choose from multiple connectivity solutions to capture QC data from your Siemens Healthineers system or LIS
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  Quality Controls for Workflow Solutions (Atellica® Solution)

Liquichek Urine Chemistry Control

  • • Comprehensive analyte menu. Monitors the precision of general urine
       chemistry testing
  • • Liquid human urine based
  • • 2 year shelf life at 2-8ºC
  • • 30 day open-vial stability at 2-8ºC for most analytes

Liquichek Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT

  • • A multi-analyte control designed to monitor precision of cardiac
       assessment assays
  • • Liquid human serum based
  • • 2 year shelf life at -20ºC to -70ºC
  • • 20 day open-vial stability at 2-8ºC for most analytes

Liquichek Immunology Control

  • • Comprehensive menu of serum proteins and analytes, including
       Rheumatoid Factor
  • • Liquid human serum based
  • • 2 year shelf life at -20ºC to -70ºC
  • • 30 day open-vial stability at 2-8ºC for most analytes

Liquichek Immunoassay Plus Control

  • • Offers a wide range of popular immunoassay analytes. Provides an efficient
       solution for laboratories that focus on routine testing
  • • Liquid human serum based
  • • 2 year shelf life at -20ºC to -70ºC
  • • 14 day open-vial stability at 2-8ºC for most analytes

The "Liquichek" brand name will be replaced with "InteliQ" as future lots of InteliQ Quality Controls are released.

  Serum Chemistry Quality Controls
  Urine Chemistry Quality Controls
  Immunoassay Quality Controls
  Cardiac Markers Quality Controls
  Diabetes/Hemoglobin Quality Controls
  Immunology/Protein Quality Controls
  Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Control

Refer to or product insert of currently available lots for specific analyte and stability claims.


Complete Your Quality System with Unity
Data Management Solutions

Siemens Healthineers users can select from four options for participation in the Unity Interlaboratory Program and get access to available peer comparison reports using Refer to the product comparison grid below to help determine which solution is the most appropriate for your laboratory.

  Unity Interlaboratory Program
Laboratories using Siemens Healthineers systems with Bio-Rad controls can submit their quality control data to the Unity Interlaboratory Program. The Unity Interlaboratory Program helps ensure the reliability and precision of test systems.
  • Access to the largest peer groups in the world (thousands of lab site participants)
  • Get peer comparison reports, available online at QCNet
  • Recognize analytical process improvement opportunities


  • Increase confidence in proficiency survey outcomes
  • Identify unrecognized trends and shifts that may occur between proficiency surveys
  Product Comparison Grid


Choose From Four Unity Solutions

Internet-based solutions such as UnityWeb and Unity Real Time online eliminate the need to install and update software locally in your laboratory and reduce the amount of support necessary from on-site IT staff.

Desktop software solutions, like Unity Real Time, are appropriate if your internet connection is not sufficient, or if you prefer maintaining local software.


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