Unity Data Management

Bio-Rad quality controls are supported by the Unity Interlaboratory Program. Consolidate your entire laboratory into one QC system with industry-leading features for benchmarking laboratory performance.

  • Simplify quality data interpretation and analysis
  • Anticipate quality performance trends before patients are affected by monitoring underlying quantitative data
  • Compare results with peer groups in real-time
  • Demonstrate compliance easily with graphical reporting

Bio-Rad Quality Controls are part of the Unity Program with its industry-leading features for benchmarking laboratory performance.

  • Facilitate compliance with simple tools to review rule violations and document corrective actions
  • Define your own quality requirements and track key quality performance indicators
  • Facilitate run-time decisions with optimized Westgard rules
  • Utilize real-time access to peer group comparisons to help with troubleshooting

Unity includes best-in-class tools to support releasing results, benchmarking laboratory performance, and designing your QC system.