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Controls Suitable for POCT

Suitable for POCT ( Click here to download chart )

Manufacturer Instrument Assayed Chemistry (Lyophilized) Assayed Multiqual Ethanol / Ammonia Lipids Microalbumin qUAntify qUAntify Plus Urinalysis Urine Chemistry Fertility Immunoassay Plus (Liquid & Lyophilized) Specialty Immunoassay Tumor Marker (Liquid) Tumor Marker Plus (Lyophilized) Cardiac Markers Plus Cardiac Markers Plus LT Homocysteine Qualitative Urine Toxicology TDM (Liquid) TDM (Lyophilized) Whole Blood Immunosuppressant (Lyophilized) Immunology (Liquid) Immunology Plus (Lyophilized) Blood Gas Blood Gas Plus E Blood Gas Plus EGL Blood Gas Plus CO-Oximeter (800 Series) Hematology (A) Hematology (X) Hematology-16 Hematology-16T D-dimer Diabetes (Liquid & Lyophilized) Hemoglobin A1C Linearity Hemoglobin A2 Meter Trax