Quality Controls for Workflow Solutions


Automate and simplify your QC experience using XML data files from Bio-Rad. Using a standard data exchange format (XML) you can quickly and safely import value assignment data to your Atellica® Solution.

  • Eliminates manual data input and associated transcription errors
  • Provides embedded data security for XML files with Bio-Rad proprietary format
  • Includes open-vial stability information for individual analytes

My eInserts XML software creates an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) file based on the instrument, control product, and lot number you select. The XML file contains approved value assignment data that can be imported to the Atellica® Solution.

Visit www.myeinserts.com for easy access to your eData.
XML value assignment available for Atellica® Solution.

For additional details please refer to the My eInserts XML Flyer.