Frequently Asked Questions


Bio-Rad manufactures and sells Critical Raw Materials?
YES! In 2012 Bio-Rad acquired a manufacturing site that now provides to customers the same raw materials used in the world leading quality controls.


Are the Critical Raw Materials products CE marked?
No, our materials are not finished product kits, and are intended for research or re-manufacture purposes as intermediary components and not appropriate for CE markings or similar registrations.


How do I convert from your activity based ingredient to a mass of antigen (e.g. Kilo Unit to milligram)?
In most cases there is not a standardized conversion available. There is no standardization for the activity based assay method by which we assign the activity value (KU), and due to the great variability in the materials molecular weight there is not a conversion to mass.

Ordering and Processing

What is the lead time for an order?
Lead times can vary based upon several factors; the size of the order, the current available inventory, special shipping requirements. The best way to determine a realistic lead time is to contact us at with material numbers and quantities you are looking for and we can give you an up to date lead time.
How are your materials packaged?
In most cases our materials are sold by their activity based assay values, rather than mass or dimensional units. This allows our packaging to be customized to specific order requirements. We typically will have an inventory of standardized sizes based upon individual product needs, but please ask for a custom package size if it is required.