Archived QC Articles

Impact of light exposure on thyroid-stimulating hormone results
The article evaluates the effectiveness of Siemens ADVIA Centaur System with their TSH3-Ultra assay to exposure to light. »

Molecular Techniques in Histopathology
Exploration to probe into the depths of tissue morphology and molecular pathology will continue with histotechnology as the driving force »

New Technologies in QC
New technologies in QC are being presented both locally and nationally »

Point-of-Care Testing
Pros, cons and how the lab can benefit »

Sigma Metrics, Total Error Budgets & QC
Make sure your test system performance and quality control procedures are aligned with your quality goals »

Recovering From an Out-of-Control Condition
The laboratory must assess the impact and have a corrective action strategy »

The Frequency of Quality Control Testing
QC testing by time or number of patient specimens and the implications for patient risk are explored »

Designing a Quality Control Strategy
In the modern laboratory three questions must be answered »

The Focus of Laboratory Quality Control
Why QC strategies should be designed around the patient, not the instrument »

Analytical Assesment in the Clinical Laboratory
Assessing analytical quality goals when the same analyte can be tested on multiple systems is explored »

A Closer Look at Control Material
The combination can improve the overall quality of patient results »

Statistical QC & Risk Management
The combination can improve the overall quality of patient results »

Learning From Laboratory Failures
Monitoring test system failures and QC performance can help identify opportunities for improvement »

QC Today
Quality control plays an essential role in reducing error and minimizing risk »

A Closer Look at Control Material
The classification of control material is an important part of the laboratory's risk profile »

Altered Quality
Consider these case studies to avoid pre-analytical specimen errors »

Choose Lab Tests Wisely
ASCP, in conjunction with a new campaign, gives laboratory testing recommendations »

Understanding Quality Control
A simplified, visual version of Westgard's model sheds light on QC issues »

Quality Safety Nets
Inside the clinical laboratory, measures and standards help clinicians deliver accurate results »

Molecular Diagnostics: MDx Applications, Development Continue
Increase in antibiotic-resistant infections underscores the need for greater adoption of molecular diagnostics »

"Omics" in Microbiology
Transformational new sciences, technologies are explored »

Optimizing Physician Utilization of Lab Services
Effective, innovative strategies are revealed »

Repeating Control & Patient Samples »

Scripted Quality Control
A look at how scripting can enhance LIS function »

The Molecular Edge
Advancing Access To BRCA Testing »

5 Things You Kneed to Know about LOINC
Code system enables providers to achieve interoperability beyond Meaningful Use »

True Plug and Play
IVD analyzers and IT systems interface »

Validation: 101
A guide through the process of verification of instrument, method and control material performance »

HHS Offers FAQs on Individualized Quality Control Plan »


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